Within the Industrial market, there are a high number of market segments and specialist requirements that can be successfully covered by Premium Tape’ relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and films.
Our ranges of products cover a wider variety of product types than virtually any other adhesive tape supplier, and we are able to work with our partners to develop solutions to suit any requirement.
Premium Tapes has an extensive array of automotive tape  and films.  Our manufacturing relationships have continued to act at the cutting edge of tape and film design.
Premium Tape can supply a range of  cladding materials that are designed to reduce CUI while providing a 100% barrier. We also supply a range of rust inhibitors further reducing the risk of CUI. All products have been tested and proven performance
Premium Tape has a custom version of its protective film being trailed on Wind Blades to assist in their cleaning, maintenance and ongoing support.   Premium Tape expects to release this offering to the market in the near future and add incredible value to the renewable energy sector.